Order Fulfillment for E-Tailers

Integrated warehousing solutions.

Reduce logistics costs and improve customer experience.

Order Fulfillment

  • Automate your processes
    streamline shipments and enhance your online store.
  • Increase turnout
    by building customer loyalty.
  • Cost reduction
    by paying for particular space and labour hours, not a whole warehouse.
  • Greater geography of delivery
    points of growth for regional e-stores.

Reduce Costs with Shiptor Fulfillment Solutions

  • Pick-ups and Warehousing
    • Reliable storage
    • All kinds of storage: pallet, floor, rack
    • Online data exchange
  • Pick & Pack
    • Marking, labelling
    • Packing / Re-packing
    • Promo kits
    • Enclosures, manuals, warranty cards
  • Last Mile Delivery
    • Your customers choose delivery time
    • Delivery to 7000 localities and 4000 pick-up stations
    • Federal client of the Russian Post
  • Returns Management
  • Payment Processing

Logistics Platform for E-Tailers

What You Get

Business Growth

  • Risk mitigation
  • Conversion improvement
  • Better customer experience
  • Delivery cost reduction
  • Fixed schedule of fees
  • Correct shipping information
  • Shipment history and transactions via Your Account
  • Call-centre works
  • Personal account manager and convenient reporting
You save time and can focus on your business