Pick-ups from Suppliers

You can schedule a pick-up from your suppliers.

You expand your range of goods and leverage sales.

Shiptor Pick-up Solutions to Enhance Your Business

Usually, you suppliers send goods in bulk, and you have to sort and pack orders by yourselves. Shiptor can facilitate the process: you give us a proxy to receive your shipments, so we can collect your goods, pack orders, and hand them over for last mile delivery. The Shiptor pick-up service allows you to expand the range of products for sale, save money on storage, and increase profit.

How It Works

  • Create nomenclature
    and download inventory lists
  • Add an incoming shipment
  • Schedule a collection
    The rest is on us!

Pick-up Costs

  • 300 ₽ within the Moscow Outer Ring Road
  • Outside the Moscow Outer Ring Road
    on a case-by-case basis